Sms Masivos

Welcome to G729 S.L., a leading mobile communication solutions company since 2017. We are proud to introduce our SMS Masivos platform, designed to help you communicate effectively with your customers through text messages.

With SMS Masivos, you can personalize the sender of your messages, which means you can display your company or brand name in your SMS messages for a more personalized communication.

In addition, you can customize the content of your messages, adapting them to your needs and the profile of your customers to achieve more effective communication.

The concatenated message feature will allow you to send longer messages that will automatically be divided into several SMS messages to ensure that your messages arrive complete and without cuts.

And with our real-time reports of your SMS campaigns, you can track the success of your marketing campaigns in detail and adjust your strategies as necessary to maximize results.

Our platform will allow you to send bulk SMS with Landing, which means you can include a link to a personalized page that will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

At G729 S.L., we are committed to providing effective and personalized mobile communication solutions for our clients. Contact us for more information about our SMS Masivos platform and how it can help improve your communication strategies with your customers.

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